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Good Health Since 1840
  To enable more of our customers to experience the unique taste of our products Ventnor Brewery has developed a bottled range from our highly successful cask ale portfolio.

All our cask ales are available in bottles except Admiral's Ale - which is only sold in bottles.
In 1999 and 2000 Ventnor Brewery achieved runners-up prizes in the National Tesco Beer Challenge.
All bottles are available in packs of 12 - purchase some on-line.
Isle of wight

  Ventnor Brewery - Bottled Beers

Admirals Ale is still available in its limited edition box for the collectors, hurry there are only a few left!!

Admiral's Ale 4% abv
This special Ale has been produced by Xavier the Master Brewer at Ventnor Brewery to celebrate the 150th America's Cup yacht race.

In 1851 the yacht America arrived in Cowes and issued a challenge to race, which was not accepted by anybody. Two weeks later Lord Wilton who was Commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron invited The Yacht America to take part in The Round the Island Race for the 100 Guinea Cup. This has been drunk and enjoyed by Prince Phillip.
Scarecrow Best 4.2% abv
Brewed using best Pale Ale and Crystal Malt to give a deep amber coloured beer. Hopped with English Bramling hops for both bittering and aromas. A traditional full bodied beer that's outstanding in its field!
Sunfire Bitter abv 4.3%
Originally brewed as a bottled beer for the Tesco Spring Beer Challenge1999, Sunfire bitter took Ventnor Brewery into the final of the competition as a runner up.

The strong, citrus aroma and bitter taste, derived from the use of First Gold and Phoenix hops, beautifully compliments the rich orangey red colour of the Sunfire beer. This full-bodied bitter will certainly satisfy any discerning and experienced drinker It has a good traditional bitterness.

Oyster Stout abv 4.5%
Oyster stout has become one of our most popular bottled beers.

The original seed of the idea for an Oyster Stout came from the brewery's consultant brewer Fred Martin, who had previously brewed a similar beer in the Isle of Man back in the 1930’s.

Together with Xavier Baker, Ventnor Brewery's Head Brewer, and Fred Martin they developed a special recipe and process by which real oysters are infused together with the brew to create a rich beer with the sweetness of an English stout but the silky smoothness of an Irish stout.
Hygeia Organic Ale 4.6% abv
This organic ale is named after Hygeia the Patron Saint of Ventnor.
She is the Greek Godess of health and hygiene. Hygeia was adopted by Ventnor in Victorian Times when Ventnor grew very rapidily due to the arrival of the railway in to Ventnor. The population of Ventnor was now easily accessable from London and was recommended by many doctors as a health spa where the rich and famous could come and bathe in the sea and breath the smoke free air. Which it was compared to the smogs of city life.
Old Ruby 4.7% abv
This is our bottled conditioned beer, pour it gently, so as not to disturb the sediment from the second fermentation that takes place in the bottle to give a very pleasing flavour.

This beer is named after Old Ruby a well known local character who used to sit in the pubs of Ventnor giving homespun advice to all who came with in earshot. Many Ventnor men ran when Old Ruby said "come here young man." She must have been a game ol' bird as she greeted everybody either as "hello deer" or "hello ducks." !!
Wight Spirit 5.0% abv
Brewed to celebrate the ever-watchful presence of the resident ghost in the brewery. This light but surprisingly strong ale combines the finest aromatic hops and malts to create a fresh quaffable bitter with a grapefruit aftertaste. Beware this one may creep up on you when you least expect. This has been a good starter beer for lager drinkers who are 'growing up' and looking for some excitement in real ales!
Sandrock Smoked Ale 5.6% abv
Ventnor Brewery's second ale originally brewed as a bottled beer for the Tesco Spring Beer Challenge 1999, Sandrock Smoked Ale, once again, took Ventnor Brewery into the final 10 of the national competition.

This speciality-smoked ale was developed using peated malt smoked over smouldering peat in Scotland, to create a smooth yet intensely smoky ale.


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